SimlrsHub™ is a large scale procurement engine


It simplifies the tendering process by greasing and/or eliminating painful, laborious and costly, formal and manual, procedures involving buyers and seller.

The substitue is tailor made systems based on modern technology and some clever thinking.


By adding modern technology, Simlrs AS is able to reduce hours and hours of boring tendering processing to literally minutes. This makes it possible to leave long term procurement contracting for good. Technology and production means changes rapidly. No one want to sit stuck with obsolete technology, products or consumables.


Framework agreements, often used in order to stretch agreement time periods, can be left behind if the desire is short time fixed price agreements. By utilizing the accuracy and controllability that comes with detailed fixed price purchase agreements, back office work is dramatically reduced. Statistics shows that the average price difference between products bought on frame agreements, and the same products bought on detailed, fix price agreements are, on average, 7 – 12%,in disfavor of the frame agreement. Peek values are frequently found to be +50%.


SimlrsHub takes cost and wasted time out of tendering – goes for buyers and suppliers.


With Simlrs TeMA (Tender Manager), buyers compile easy to understand, correct, documentable and formally indisputable electronic ITT documents.

The suppliers, when tuned to the service, can with a click of the mouse, display which of the say 3000 tender lines that is relevant to them, have their product codes and –descriptions filled in, the package variations defined and the The Tender document ready to be returned, in minutes – except for price and additional product considerations.


This is the only task left for a fully integrated supplier, before the shipment of the Tender can be executed.


Upon the arrival of Tenders, SimlrsHub sports an excellent flight of evaluation tools. The Tenders are evaluated on a detailed level, comparable products against each other, on individual and / package level. An eventual weghting of suppliers’ historical delivery precision, delivery time clauses, geographical location, solidity or other aspects, are taken into account and the effect is documented. This facilitates dialogue with disappointed suppliers when contracts has been awarded.


For the suppliers, Simlrs TeMa is a professional platform for receiving and processing ITT documents. The formal requirements for returning the Tender are taken care of. Suppliers can easily include electronic depth information for the products offered.


The tender format ensures that price, units and product texts are consistent with international requirements. The processes of answering the ITT documents and establish the tenders will be easy. Simlrs introduces language independence and can additionally if required classify each ITT line according to buyers overall requirements for alternative nomenclature line up´s.

SimlrsHub is built on a methodology that keeps track of the item identification standards used by each participating unit. By translating between different numbering systems, as well as linguistic, currency, weight and volume, and other varying standard zones, SimlrsHub enables each party to keep their identifications intact reducing overhead work related to file maintenance to an absolute minimum. All users are able to use their own defaults.



SimlrsHub will, in cooperation with one of the major players in the industry of Network Services, establish a global distribution network for tender and contract transactions. The service will including full remote “Lock Box” functionality, which is compulsory in public tender processing.

SimlrsHub will operate end to end control of sent information, logging of shipments and receipts and constant follow-up of the flow through the network. SimlrsHub collects the contract information in detail from the initial start-up and compilation of a new tender, through the competitive phase, contracting and the operational contract lifespan, until the contract date expires or the obsolete contract is used as a template for a new tender process.

The approved and signed contracts are updated in SimlrsHub and form the basis for automated electronic control of inbound invoices against the contract base, as well as, if desired, reversed invoicing*.

* Reversed invoicing is a well accepted procedure in mature trading relations.


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In SimlrsHub the suppliers are provided with a simple yet robust platform for compiling product information and answering to ITT’s. They can easily answer the query requests in their own language with their own product identification codes on all the requested items.
Product information in the form of printed sheets, brochures or drawings that the suppliers had enter electronically into SimlrsHub will on request, automatically be included as electronic documentation attachments and depth information for the tenders.